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Bring security visibility and control to the entire software lifecycle from code to cloud, so your organization can build secure software, fast!

Development & Security Teams That Trust Tromzo

How the Tromzo Platform Works

Discover Software Inventory with Context – Influence Developer Behavior in CI/CD
Scale Product Security with Automation – Drive Change with Data


Contextual software asset inventory (code repos, software dependencies, SBOMs, containers, microservices, etc.), so you know what you have, who owns them, and which ones are important to the business.


Shift application security left with with pre-built and customizable security policies in CI/CD (secure defaults, code ownership, scan coverage, vulnerability management, etc.), so you can influence developers to build secure systems from the beginning.



Automate vulnerability management at the speed of DevOps, so you can eliminate the manual processes of tracking and triaging, associating ownership, risk acceptance, and compliance workflows.


Understand your security posture for every team with SLA compliance, MTTR, and other custom KPIs, so you can drive risk remediation and accountability across the organization.

Scale Security at the Speed of DevOps

Tromzo makes security accessible, easy, and natural for developers throughout the SDLC.

Centralized Visibility
Security Guardrails
Centralized Visibility

Centralized Asset Visibility

Tromzo aggregates all software assets in one easily digestible UI, associates true ownership, and prioritizes repositories/containers based on risk. This empowers product security teams with the foundational context needed to truly improve security risk posture.

SBOMs, dependencies, code repositories, containers, applications

Business context & risk view

Asset ownership

Security Guardrails

Security Guardrails in CI/CD

Tromzo provides pre-built and customizable security policies, defined by security teams and applied within developer workflows. Enabling developers to go from code to cloud, securely.

Enforce security controls in CI/CD

Secret scanning & leak prevention

Lower Mean Time to Remediate (MTTR) vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management Automation

Tromzo enables organizations to scale product security at the speed of DevOps. With no-code security automation for scaling vulnerability management and risk remediation across the SDLC, developers can focus on what truly matters.

Automatically triage & prioritize vulnerabilities

Manage workflows for risk acceptance

Multi-channel notifications

Custom Reporting & Analytics

Tromzo provides critical analytics via the insights derived from enriched run-time, ownership, and business context with out-of-the-box and customizable dashboards for security accountability across engineering.

Custom KPIs & dashboards

Real time dashboards for every team

Drive ownership & accountability

Tromzo Value

Tromzo empowers developers & product security teams to collaboratively & effortlessly build secure software, fast!

Before Tromzo

  • Manual inventory of software assets
  • No clear ownership data for code
  • Little visibility into what is actively in production
  • Multiple silos of application vulnerability and risk data
  • No way of knowing what vulnerabilities should be remediated first
  • Insufficient security checks in developer workflows

After Tromzo

  • Centralized inventory of software assets from code to cloud
  • Proper association of code to code-owners
  • Run-time context to focus on what matters
  • Risk-based view of all software assets with context
  • Automated triaging, prioritization, and ownership
  • Security policies in CI/CD to influence developer behavior
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Technology Partners

Tromzo partners with leading application, infrastructure, cloud, and container security tools, as well as developer and DevOps systems. With a system of record for software assets and risks, security teams can manage and govern the risks being introduced by the code being built.

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Development & Security Teams That Trust Tromzo

“Tromzo is a Product Security Operating Platform (PSOP) addressing all aspects of the modern SDLC; application, cloud, and container security. Leveraging Tromzo has enabled my team to partner with the development team at scale, thus reducing our overall risk. With increased security visibility in the SDLC, security checks in CI/CD, and automated workflows, our security team can focus on what really matters.”

Ralph Pyne, VP of Security

“I’ve needed a tool like this that helps me to provide visibility across our disparate tools, scale our remediation efforts, and reduce friction with developers and security. I love having a unified platform that actually reduces our application security risk.”

Steve Dotson, CISO

“We built a proactive security culture as the foundation to our security program, where our engineers and security team can tackle unique challenges as they build software. We found the best way to influence this shift was to educate our engineers on their current security posture through implementing adoptable security guardrails.”

Caleb Sima, CSO

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