EP 15 — Tejpal Garhwal: How Pegasystems Scales AppSec


Pegasystems’ Pega Platform is a powerful low-code platform for AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation. The platform makes it easier for enterprises to work smarter, unify experiences, and quickly adapt. As a publicly traded company with a multi-billion dollar market cap,  more than 6,000 employees, and a global customer base, security is critical to the success of the company. 

In this episode of the Future of Application Security podcast, Harshil speaks to Pegasystems’ Director of Application Security, Tejpal Garhwal to learn about how Pega approaches AppSec. With a strong software development background and deep expertise in Application Security, Tejpal has spent his career managing multiple security and dev teams and setting the direction for information security application architecture, policy and processes within the organization.

Topics discussed:

  • Tejpal’s career transition from Software Development to Application Security
  • Tejpal’s 30-60-90 day strategy in strengthening and standardizing security processes and building a secure SDLC
  • The benefits of shifting left and developing a good security culture mindset 
  • Management and optimization of an application security operation on a large scale
  • How Tejpal encourages collaboration between the security and development teams
  • Using quality security gates/guardrails/etc. to ensure code integrity
  • Tejpal’s thoughts on the future of application security
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