Ep 19 — Kevin Paige: How Supply Chain Company Flexport Scales AppSec


Technology has been growing by leaps and bounds but most supply chain processes for shipping, storing, and trading goods have remained fragmented. Flexport is the first to connect the entire ecosystem of global trade, empowering buyers, sellers and logistics providers to grow and innovate. Flexport’s platform sets a new standard for global trade by simplifying supply chain management.

In this episode, we are joined by Kevin Paige, CISO at Flexport. Kevin utilizes his two decade long work experience in IT and security to help the company streamline and optimize business processes, mitigate risks, and accelerate growth by aligning IT initiatives with broader company goals. 

Topics discussed:

  • Kevin’s work background and how he shifted from being in the military handling physical security, working as a security consultant for the government,  to his current role at Flexport
  • His thoughts on the complexities of the CISO role and the trend of assigning CIO responsibilities to CISOs
  • How to strategize, plan, and make data driven decisions in the world of security
  • How application security has evolved and what the future will look like
  • The skills  that every good product security person should have
  • The process Kevin’s security team follows in doing quarterly business reviews
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