EP 2 – What It Takes To Become a Successful Chief Information Security Officer


Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) or heads of security have one of the most unique views of an organization and their technology stack. While it can be a daunting job there are many organizations with phenomenal leaders.

Where CISOs really shine is their ability to collaborate, partner and build with engineering, product, and business teams. For a quick visual of all that CISOs face from a functional level, there is a great CISO Mind Map that Rafeeq Rehman pulls together every year. This mind map really highlights the enormous pressure to ship, deliver, and sell security.

Michael Piacente is the co-founder and managing director of Hitch Partners and he has been helping the security community find great leaders for several years.

In today’s show, he shares his insights about the patterns that most successful CISOs have in common.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The attributes and skillsets of a great CISO.
  • What Hitch Partners does and Michael’s professional journey.
  • Suggestions for aspiring CISO that want to gain exposure and visibility.
  • The importance of partnering with the technical and non-technical part of the business.
  • Keys to retaining and engaging top talent.
  • Tips on how to structure the interview process.
  • Why building a personal brand is very important for the CISO career path.
  • What Hitch Partners CISO Survey is all about.

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