Product Security

Tromzo is the only Product Security Operating Platform (PSOP) designed to enable product security teams so they know what risks are being introduced by software artifacts from code to cloud, so they can govern and manage that risk.

Secure Software Delivery Lifecycle & Product Security

In the last decade, the digital transformation has expedited new processes and product development with alarming speed. As organizations push initiatives like agile and DevOps to improve speed to market, traditional security tooling has left security teams grasping for straws. With agile and DevOps, the adoption of cloud-native applications and infrastructure was a natural progression, but it created a culture where developers go from code-to-cloud in a matter of hours. However, legacy application security systems and processes can’t keep up with this modern software development lifecycle (SDLC). Born from these massive shifts is Product Security.


Gain an accurate inventory of applications and infrastructure assets for the foundational context needed to truly improve security risk posture.

Developer Workflows

Implement security policies and controls in CI/CD – reducing risks and flaws early saves time and effort.

Vulnerability Management 

Automate vulnerability management and risk remediation across the SDLC so developers can focus on what truly maters.

Secrets Management

Ensure secrets are properly stored, encrypted, regularly expired, and rotated through XYZ.

Third-Party Libraries

Assess the risk of third-party libraries and continuous monitor through integrations with common SAST tools to identify malicious dependencies.


Automate tracking and reporting on remediation stats across various task tracking systems like Jira.

Security Champions

Reduce the friction between development and security by making security accessible, easy, and natural for developers.


Drive risk remediation and accountability with critical analytics via the insights derived from enriched run-time, ownership, and business context.

Scaling Product Security With A Product Security Lead Program

Brenna Leath, Head of Product Security, SAS covers how a security champions program is a popular method to scale application security within an organization. In this DevSecOps webinar, Breanna covers:

  • What a product security lead is
  • How an expertise in secure design reviews and threat modeling, security tooling implementation and usage, and metrics are essential
  • Where developing a specialized knowledge of the product area, liaising between engineering, product management, and product security can help drive strategic initiatives
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How Tromzo Can Help

Tromzo’s unified Product Security Operating Platform (PSOP) brings security visibility and control to the entire software lifecycle from code to cloud, so your organization can build secure software, fast!

Centralized Visibility
Tromzo Intelligence Graph
Centralized Visibility

Discover Artifact Inventory & Risk Posture

Contextual software asset inventory (code repos, software dependencies, SBOMs, containers, microservices, etc.), so you know what you have, who owns them, and which ones are important to the business.

Tromzo Intelligence Graph

Drive Real Vulnerability Remediation at Scale

Leverage context from Intelligence Graph to tune out the noise and automate the remediation lifecycle, so you can eliminate the manual processes of triaging, prioritizing, associating ownership, risk acceptance, and compliance workflows.

Achieve a Data Driven Security Program

Understand the security posture for every team with SLA compliance, MTTR, and other custom KPIs, so you can drive risk remediation and accountability across the organization.

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