Introducing Intelligence Graph!

A Prioritized Risk View of the Entire Software Supply Chain, from Code to Cloud


Tromzo launches new capabilities to accelerate remediation of risks that truly matter, by bringing deep environmental and organizational context from code to cloud. Tromzo’s Intelligence Graph correlates data from development tools like Code Repositories, CI/CD Platforms, Artifact Registries and Cloud Platforms to accurately identify software asset ownership, business criticality of those artifacts and ties all that context back to the security issues reported by various security scanners.
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Introducing the Future of Application Security Podcast
by Corin Imai on
Today, we’re excited to announce our new podcast — the Future of Application Security which is dedicated to helping developers and security professionals tackle real issues that our guests will discuss. Since we know there are a lot of podcasts out there, we are thankful that you have given us 30 ish minutes of your day to listen along. We will also make sure you have a new episode to listen to every-other-week!
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